Childhood Movies, Racial Justice, and Calling Out “Products of Their Time”

Hi. My name is Sarah (Spanish pronunciation). I’m the founder of the podcast and blog What the Kids Were Watching. And I’m back on the blog, for the first time in months, to remind y'all that Black lives matter. I have a lot to say about how racial justice impacts a podcast about childhood movies.… Continue reading Childhood Movies, Racial Justice, and Calling Out “Products of Their Time”

The Podcast Lives!

After over a year of planning, I'm delighted and relieved (delieved?) to announce that "What the Kids Were Watching" the podcast IS A REAL THING AND YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT NOW! Just click that link or one of the social media icons at the top of the blog. We're currently on: Apple! Spotify! Buzzsprout!… Continue reading The Podcast Lives!


Hi. My name is Sarah (Spanish pronunciation, yes even thought has an H). I’m an award-winning YA author and one of the two voices you’ll hear on the podcast "What the Kids Were Watching." If you grew up in the late 70s and 80s and watched the same movies again and again on HBO, if… Continue reading About WTKWW