The Podcast Lives!

After over a year of planning, I’m delighted and relieved (delieved?) to announce that “What the Kids Were Watching” the podcast IS A REAL THING AND YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT NOW! Just click that link or one of the social media icons at the top of the blog.

We’re currently on:

As of this post, we have two episodes for Season One up for your listening pleasure:

New episodes are scheduled to post every Thursday until we run out (so, like, 10 or 11). Then we’ll get to work on Season Two.

Thanks again to everyone who stuck by us and kept asking about when this would happen. It’s been a hell of a year-plus. Here’s hoping the next one is a better one.

(Also, I know things look different around here. Raf was trying to add the social media icons and instead destroyed the blog’s theme. Alas. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us…something. I don’t know. I’m tired. GO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST love you mean it)

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