Pause the VCR and grab the popcorn, y’all.

Hi. My name is Sarah (pronounced the Spanish way, yes even thought has an H and I don’t speak Spanish [yet]). I’m one of the two voices you’ll hear on the upcoming podcast “What the Kids Were Watching.” If you grew up in the late 70s and 80s, if you watched the same terrible movies again and again on HBO, if you remember video rental shops that weren’t Blockbuster, you’ll probably dig this podcast. Especially when I mix up Dr. Doom and Judge Doom on the Who Framed Roger Rabbit episode.

I started this blog as a companion piece to the podcast, but really, it’s my platform instead a shared one. I’m not going to write about the movies Raf and I discuss in the podcast (at least, not initially). Instead, I’m going to mull over movies and TV shows I’ve been watching recently, why I think they’re remarkable (or awful), and why you should (or shouldn’t) check them out. But fear not — most of what I fancy has at least one big toe stuck in the past, so this is still kinda-sorta related to the theme of WTKWW.

What you’re going to get: a lot of enthusiasm, some mild research, what I think are clever turns of phrase, and a very honest perspective about judging something as it stands today.

What you’re not going to get: gushy nostalgia or lots of Haterade. Not everything is great, and not everything sucks.

With that, let’s grab the remote control and see where the channel-flipping takes us.

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