The Yard Is Filled With Cardinals

Meditations on Losing My Mother to Cancer During a Global Pandemic (In October 2019, my mother was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. In December 2019, she had a stroke and began experiencing dementia. In July 2020, she and my stepdad moved back to my hometown so she could be closer to family during her recovery.)… Continue reading The Yard Is Filled With Cardinals

What the Kids Were Podcasting: A Season 1 Recap

Can you believe it's been six months since Raf and I released the last episode in Season 1 of the "What the Kids Were Watching" podcast? I've been meaning to write a recap post with links to each specific episode, but, y'know, pandemic. Speaking of, how's that quarantine life going for you? I don't have… Continue reading What the Kids Were Podcasting: A Season 1 Recap