“Ocean’s 11”: I Still Have Some Questions

I saw the 2001 version of “Ocean’s 11” at a pivotal point in my young adult life. At the time, I was broke and in grad school but dating a software person who owned a fancy BMW and loved going to Vegas. When I wasn’t in Vegas with him, I was attending grad school classes,… Continue reading “Ocean’s 11”: I Still Have Some Questions

Holiday Leftovers: A Podcast Update, Mini-Movie Reviews and More

Greetings and salutations. How's everyone's 2020 going? Mine's a bit of a doozy. To catch you up: My mom started feeling sick in August, was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in October, had a stroke in mid-December and was hospitalized for over a week, and still is struggling with temporary dementia. The good news is… Continue reading Holiday Leftovers: A Podcast Update, Mini-Movie Reviews and More

“Fright Night”: When Men Suck

Boo! Yes, Halloween has come and passed; but a good scare is always in season, so here’s my treat to you: a second Halloween blog post. This one is a special double feature for "What the Kids Were Watching." You’ll hear from Raf, my fellow podcast host (I swear, we are going to release the… Continue reading “Fright Night”: When Men Suck